Wade Saddles

The Wade saddle is named after Clifford Wade, a man who traveled from the East to the West on the Oregon Trail with his family with a saddle made by an unknown saddle maker he inherited from his father. Tom Dorrance from Oregon, a cowboy friend of Wade, loved the saddle so much he had it copied. Wade saddles are popular because they set low on your horse, which gives better leverage while holding roped livestock. The horn is low, therefore out of the way when roping. Additionally, the horn has a prominent lip to make dallying with your rope easier.  The Wade saddle is loved by working buckaroos because of its fit and ability to be ridden in the mountains or flats without moving. Click here for more information on the history of the Wade Saddle. See photos of our custom made wade saddles below, and if you’re interested please fill out the contact form!