Wholesale and Consignment

Greetings! If you’ve found this page, thank you for considering partnering with Tennessee Saddlery. We have been selling on eBay since 2006. Over the last decade and a half, we have found many loyal customers throughout the country. Recently, we have expanded our sales to Woocommerce, Amazon, Shopify, and Facebook. We would love to work with you to expand our reach and to help serve your customers. Along with our leather saddles, most in two colors, we offer tacky-tack pads, semi-custom saddles, and quilted synthetic endurance saddles. If you are interested in our wholesale and consignment options fill out information and one of our representatives will be in touch. 

Once we contact you, you can choose the saddle, size, and other options/accessories. Additionally, we will give you a coupon code to provide your customers. Any leather sales using the coupon code, you will receive $50. We look forward to speaking with you!