Made-To-Order Saddles

Congratulations! If you’re on this page, you’re considering a made-to-order saddle with one of our saddle makers! On this page you’ll find many different photos of made-to-order saddles, the order form, and standard terms/conditions. Enjoy!

General Terms and Conditions for made-to-order saddles:

1. Saddle will be made to specifications, once agreed upon between saddle maker and customer. Photos in the gallery are examples of our made-to-order saddles.

2. Once you submit your order, TN Saddlery and our saddle-maker have opportunity to review and update agreement if necessary. If OK, TN Saddlery will send two separate payment requests, half due immediately and half due when photos of completed saddle are emailed to you and approved by you. Payment requests will be sent via TN Saddlery PayPal (tnsaddlery [at] 

3. TN Saddlery will hold $250 of your full payment for any issues or concerns that arrive and are reported within 7 days of saddle delivery.

4. Any disputes between the TN Saddlery, our saddle maker, and our customers will resolved on a case-by-case basis. Generally, TN Saddlery will do everything within reason to ensure you are more than satisfied with your made-to-order saddle!

5. If you are unhappy with your saddle, and we are unable to come to a resolution, we will post your made-to-order saddle on our multiple retail outlets (Facebook, Ebay, etc), sell the saddle to another customer, and return your money minus the shipping/handling, PayPal fees, and other losses. Note: this hasn’t happened yet!