Arabian Horse Saddle

Interested in an Arabian Horse Saddle from TN Saddlery?

The Tree. This saddle tree is fiberglass with wood reinforced and contains a flared out front and rear to allow for full or mutton wither with no pockets. The resulting bow from this style enables this saddle tree to conform well to the short Arabian back having wide withers rounding out into the shoulder.

The Style. Fenders slightly forward for balanced ride with soft, supple leather, nylon reinforced stirrup/fender straps, and padded leather seat. The Cheyenne roll, latigo ties, nylon fleece lining, and double ply girth straps for extra strength and wear. 

Lightweight. This saddle weighs about 26 pounds.

Color. The saddle will be available in black or medium oiled tan, as shown in the photos. If you pre-order, you will have the option of a leather seat of a suede seat. 

When will the saddle be available?

The saddles for Arabian horses will be available in late Summer / early Fall 2021. Please fill out your contact information if you would like to be on the mailing list and first in line for this beautiful saddle by Tennessee Saddlery made especially for your Arabian horse. Prices will be $599 plus shipping and we will begin taking orders in Spring 2021. Thank you for your interest!